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ANEXIA - Mycí linka - Ceník

The ANEXIA s.r.o. company would like to introduce you to the new Tammermatic Rainbow ULTIMA AX 600 washing line, which will contribute to increasing the quality of the services provided by the DAF authorized service center, and will be intended for even the most demanding customers.

The Tammermatic ULTIMA AX 600 washing line is unique thanks to the special oscillating pressure washing of 70 bar. This unique pressure washing ensures the absolute highest quality of pressure washing for tanks, fire trucks, special vehicles, tractors, construction machinery and vehicles of irregular shapes.

In this high-end design, it also enables complete brushless pressure washing. All types of cars can be washed with the ULTIMA AX 600 washing line, the automatic electronic control of brush pressure is optimized for maximum effective and gentle washing.

Vehicle washing price list - we offer 2 basic programs



ANEXIA - Mycí Linka - Ceník

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