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We provide modern storage with CO-packing. We pay attention to the safety, quality and comprehensiveness of our services, and not only because of this, companies like P&G Rakona and its subcontractors can use our services.

Why cooperate with us and what we can offer

We provide consignment and bonded warehouse services

We define and regularly evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs)

We follow FIFO/FEFO storage rules

We offer space for Co-Packing

We will design a comprehensive solution tailored to the individual needs of the customer

We are able to implement information from the customers system

We enable the customer to use the Just in time method

We offer outputs in the form of reports according to customer needs

We create safety and quality standards

We reflexively react to market developments with BENCHMARKING and monitor the competition

Value added

In our warehouses, we use technology that meets the highest ecological requirements

We have secure operation and access to goods in accordance with current trends

We cooperate with renowned manufacturers of handling equipment Jungheinrich and Linde

We use the most modern storage technologies (readers, scanners, printers)

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